Arrow Keys

Left/Right for turning

Up/Down for acceleration

Hold shift to make a tighter turn.

Version 0.0.7

- You can no longer fly, which is good, because I'll be adding planes later and we can't have two flying vehicles.

 - Hopefully turning is more responsive. Need feedback on the turning AT BOTH HIGH AND LOW SPEEDS

 - Thanks for being playtesters

Version 0.0.6

- Jumping! Jumping has been fixed, I hope, enough so that it feels more like you expect. Please give me lots of feedback on this.

 - Changed turning etc. a little bit.

 - Edited the camera. It should be much smoother now.

Version 0.0.5

- Edited the movement properties, including turns--normal turns are now significantly less sharp, meaning you need to use the tight turn (which slows you down). Turns in general should be less slippery.

- Changed colors and added a motorcycle model. Should be easier on the eyes.

- Added a test course to the training grounds. You can find it at the right.

Still looking for feedback on the movement, but also on the camera! What would you change about the current camera?

Version 0.0.4

Quick fix and additions because I noticed several things immediately after publishing 0.03.

- Fixed at least one more of the sticky bugs, but it's still janky.

- Increased the max speed and made turning a little tighter.

- Lowered the acceleration time off of a jump.

- Added a limit to the max speed you can reach with consecutive boosts.

- Added a few more fun things to the test ground.

Version 0.0.3

- Fixed some bugs where you get stuck in the ground, but the fixes are janky.

- Added boost pads. They currently work no matter the direction you're going because doing otherwise broke physics. Also, the one directly in front of you when you start the game barely boosts you, so try the others before you say it doesn't work.

- Made acceleration and jumps better, hopefully.

- Added a loop-de-loop to the test grounds.

Version 0.0.2

- Made rolling better and fixed some of the glitchy jittery issues when rolling.

- You can now back up with bonking.

- Added controller support:

        - Left Joystick for turning

        - Right Trigger for gas

        - B for brake.

        - Left Trigger for tight turning.

Controller support doesn't work on webgl.

Version 0.01

- Startup acceleration should be quicker.

- You can now bonk your head on walls and you'll stop.

- Added ramps to the test area. Very curious about jumping off the ramps feels to everyone.

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